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Jersey Hooker Striper Tournament Win 5/30/2015

Late Report from Saturday 5/30/2015... Capt Rich , Capt Chuck , Uncle Pete Harko " Master Baiter", Mark O'Boyle, Jonathan Caola and Mike Cipoletti "CIP" Participated in the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Spring Striped Bass Tournament. The Crew left Manasquan inlet to clams seas and a bunch of fog... Capt. Rich and Chuck had their eyes pealed looking for some bunker because the guys were ready to snag and drop.... No such luck !!! Capt. Gave the order to deploy the Tony Maja #4 bunker spoons @ 300' ... The Jersey Hooker made her way north through the pea soup fog .. Capt. Chuck Yells out to the crew " I know Where They Live " Capt Rich and Capt. Chuck Took turns at the wheel keeping the positive faith ... Working the area hard... The plotter had looked as if they were trolling for Big Eyes at the canyon... Capt. Rich Calls Capt. Allen Lee of the Mushin In to see if he would have any luck ... Capt. Rich said " We keep reading them!!! Reading them like a book" ... They Trolled North South East West and every where in between 2 knots - 4 knots waited for the tide change still nothing .......... It was getting late in the day Uncle Pete was inside rigging up for Sundays Charter Mark, Jonathan and Mike were in side sleeping, Capt. Chuck was at the hell Capt Rich along side him... Capt. Rich Turns to Climb down the Ladder ...... " Chuck We got a bite port rod were hooked up !!!!, Capt Rich Jumps off the bridge missing all the steps on the ladder .... , Grabs the rod and starts reeling ...... looks over his shoulder to see Capt. Chuck Reeling in the other rod and no one else on deck ... Capt. Chuck yells in side "were hooked up and its a big one !!!!! " After a long and very gentle battle with a big angry fish that fought every inch of the way the crew stood around the fish just staring in amazement the beauty and size of this magnificent fish .... Uncle Pete put the tape on him and got a measurement of 53" inches ..... The Crew knew they had a contender ...... they snapped a few pictures and put the fish in the box headed for Manasquan Inlet. Got to Hoffmans Marina the official weight was 51 lbs and 52 1/2" long ......

The Crew Took 1st place in the Tournament...

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Striper Charter Mark Longo 5/26/2015

Jersey Hooker Charters Fishing Report 5/26/2015
Capt Rich and Brendan had Mark Longo and Friends out for a pm. striper trip despite Captain Rich's warning of rough seas and a water temperature drop .... Mark and crew wanted to go.... Capt. Saw a few scattered marks and worked from Manasquan Inlet up to Springlake and back.... not a touch.... the crew opted to hit the river for some flukes .... They had a hand full of short fluke and one short striper in the river ....

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Capt Rich Capt Chuck and Uncle Pete hosted a open boat aboard the Jersey Hooker regular John Caola , Mike Bennett , Eric Florzak , Cait and first timer Mike I. .
Started out snagging and dropping. Mike I had a run-off and dropped the fish no other bites snagging and dropping . Switched over to trolling . Caught two blues and ground it out till 2:00 when someone turned the light switch on .. Doubled up Dropped one , single , doubled up dropped one, Doubled up dropped 2 .. All on Tony Maja # 4 spoons !!! It was mayhem !!! Capt. Rich fought the clock to get Mike Bennett back to the dock before 3 pm rough day on the water ... Fish up to 35 pounds ...
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Capt. Rich, Capt Chuck,  Uncle Pete,  Alaina and Brendan headed out for some pm striper action. The crew popped out of Manasquan Inlet aroud 6:30pm.   Had the first fish on with in 15 minuets  dropped em..  About  45 minuets later  were hooked up again and Alaina is fighting one...  Hit the deck in record time  and it  was a beauty  45"  bass  weighing in @ 35 pounds ....      About  15 minuets later  hooked up again  Brendan's turn  nice  40"  fish ....     By that time is  was  dark and  they headed for the barn.... not to bad for   2 hours of fishing on a holiday weekend....

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